About the House of
Bovet 1822

For nearly 200 years, the House of Bovet has handcrafted the finest timepieces, allowing collectors to experience what is the true pleasure of the luxury of time.

To further ensure Bovet’s excellence, Mr. Pascal Raffy has limited the House’s annual production to 800 handcrafted timepieces, making all components in-house, respecting Swiss artisanal processes, and adding his commitment to exclusivity and uniqueness.

BOVET X Regalia Luxury

Regalia Luxury takes pride in associating with Bovet, as their exclusive partner in India since 2016. Since commencement, our focus has been to offer immersive experiences to patrons to fully appreciate the craftsmanship, heritage and customisation possibilities with Bovet.

Our team of technically trained specialists are well placed to guide you to select the most appropriate timepiece that you will cherish and complement your collection concurrently.

"Whenever we start a new partnership and presence in a country as vast and varied as India, it is imperative that we share the same values as well as gain the trust and respect of our customers. We believe that we are now ready to propose our timepieces to Indian collectors thanks to the support provided by Regalia Luxury."

Pascal Raffy

Owner, House of Bovet

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Experience in person the intricacies of a Bovet watch and feel the way our watches elegantly rest on your wrists. Enter a world of luxury where time will stand still for you as our team of experts guide you through the entire process of selecting and owning the perfect timepiece.


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